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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Just a little video about the success of our GARDEN by Alma Schneider

Cucumber O' the bounty!

Garden update from Farmer Joan:
Sorry I am so late in providing an update but it seems appropriate given the delay in my garden, as the seedlings so graciously provided In the spring are just now reaching their garden peak. (They were replanted in my garden from a neighbor who was part of the High Street "team.")Although I've been gardening now for 5 or 6 years I still consider myself a perennial beginner, and am constantly humbled by both my errors of judgement as well as my triumphs.As usual, while others savor ripe red tomatoes mine are mostly green. I once again must face the question, to ripen on the windowsill or hope that enough sun remainsto reach that beautiful red while on the vine. Also have had bugs invade my squash plants once again - huge plants but nothing grew.(Any advice on this? It's become a yearly disappointment,) Peppers, eggplant also still not ready for the picking. Beets still growing underground,Some lovely greens, beans, lots of herbs, and a bumper crop of cucumbers. I've just purchased a juicer, after hearing raves from friends, and I must say there is nothing that beats a fresh picked smoothiefor breakfast. (I've been adding Jersey berries or peaches.) I am sending a few photos, and would welcome input on the tomato question. Brown bag it, put in a sunny spot inside, Or leave and hope for the best? I expect to be keeping my hands dirty through the Fall.

 Read Joan's posting on her cucumber adventures, her inspiration from our dear late friend Johanna and a couple of great recipes. 

The Lone Mater. All advise on increasing bounty greatly appreciated Joan Hocky

Spanikopita using garden greens - yum! Joan Hocky grows, cooks, eats..

Late afternoon picking for late summer dinner from Joan Hocky