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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So, I planted these bad boys 12 days ago. It has been a really interesting experience for me to watch these sprouts come to life from little tiny seeds. Watering them every day and nurturing them has been oddly intimate. I feel like these seeds are my little children. As they grow I feel a personal sense of attachment and success. 

Wednesday, March 19
6th day
At this point, only the broccoli rabe had fully sprouted. As you can see from the first picture, there is one lone zucchini that has sprouted. My regimen was to water them twice a day- once in the A.M. and once before bed. I only lightly moistened them at night, but made sure they had plenty of water in the morning. My delivery system for the water was a water bottle with a hole poked in the cap.

Friday, March 21
8th Day
  Yeah baby! Mustard greens have all sprouted. Happened overnight! It's amazing how fast these things grow. Couldn't believe it when I saw it. The other rows that haven't quite sprouted are zucchini and butternut squash, but as you can see a few zucchini are beginning to poke through the dirt.

Saturday, March 22
9th Day

The broccoli rabe grew so big that it's now falling over. Guess that's not a bad thing. I've taken a liking to the lone zuchinni standing tall above the rest with its shell half-cracked and hanging on to the sprout for dear life. It was sunny and 60 degrees so I left them outside all afternoon in direct sunlight.

Monday, March 24th
11th Day

The zucchini is out struttin' its stuff to the world, and a few of its brothers and sisters have followed suit. They've truly come out of their shell. Meanwhile, I realized that the butternut squash and the remaining zucchini that hadn't sprouted simply didn't have enough soil covering them so I added a bit more on Saturday, and sure enough, already they've begun to poke through the soil.

Tuesday, March 25th
12th Day

Everything is really beginning to flourish now. The butternut squash and remaining zucchini are behind the rest, but I'm sure that now that I've added extra soil, they'll be just as tall as the rest in a few days. 

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