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Friday, June 20, 2014

We did it!!!

Well... we did it! School is over and we are proud to say that the STEM community has accomplished both a greenhouse for aquaponics and Rand Park has been brought to life again-- thanks to Mrs. Eckert/English's group. 

I was in charge, as well as my partner Tyler Nedzi, of the Raised Bed Garden sector at Rand Park. 

It feels like just yesterday when our plants were only seeds under a grow light. Tyler and I (along with other Raised Bed Garden members), planted about 7 different types of plants. However, only about 3 made it to Rand Park. 

*               *                *   

After we had a rough idea about how we wanted to make our garden look, my group popped over to Renaissance to take a peek at their finished garden. Because we were first year students who were redesigning Rand Park, we knew we were going to start off small. Although, looking at Renaissance's garden but amazing! 

We all know this is not a raised but-- but I had to share it anyway. This is basically a sack and the soil inside has seeds that have not yet sprouted. I thought that this was absolutely amazing because anybody could do this! You don't need lumber, nails, a drill... all you need is a sack- almost potato like :)- then fill it with dirt, plant your seeds, and magic!! 

Here is just another fun photo. This is me and at Renaissance's garden. They are growing radishes!! No, I didn't just steal it out of the ground- although it was so delicious I probably would have ;). 

*                    *                  *

(Please excuse this awful photo of us caught off guard) 
Here myself and a group member of mine, Marcell. We are at the location in Rand Park where our beds will be. If you can see, next to me are things that look like little black smudges. They aren't smudges, but stakes. We were measuring and staking out where we wanted to build out beds. 

(Sorry for the slanted picture, my computer wont let me change it) 
Here is myself (stripped shirt), Tyler Nedzi (middle), and Marcell Brown (far right). We just finished building our first raised bed! There were two other helpers, but they just missed the photo :( 

*                    *                 *

WE DID IT!!!! Tyler(far left), myself (next to Tyler), Noelle (next to me), and Elena(far right)- with Marcell- have all built and finished planting our first raised bed!!!!! We are so excited! In this bed, we have three different plants. Arugula, tomatoes and a bean plant.
Wasn't going to lie, the whole process was difficult, but well worth it. 

Hope you have enjoyed and have a wonderful summer!!!! 
- Florise Schwartz 

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  1. Great Work Team STEM, looking forward to all these gardens growing in!