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Thursday, September 18, 2014

From small beginnings bounty galore in Montclair Public Library's model vegetable garden

If you are feeling a little peckish wander over to the vegetable garden at Montclair Public Library. Look at the abundance of food in that little 4x4 space!

Heaps of tomatoes (I recommend nibbling on a golden cherry, little healthy candy bombs), Kale upon Kale, some discreetly hidden Zucchini, the Peppers seem to have lost the space battle but there are some in there, Basil and the Pineapple Sage is just gearing up to bloom. There's a huge meal for a dozen people in there right now!

And, as an added bonus, read the signs to see what benefits these vegetables will give you, they are in English and Spanish so you can have a language lesson at the same time!

Inspired to grow something for yourself next season? Go inside and ask for a free guide to planting your own garden, copies available at the checkout desk and the reference desk. Join us next year as a Pioneer Planter, we'll hold your hand through growing plants from seed to harvesting. Check out the garden today and how it looked a couple of months ago when we put in those little, biddy baby plants.

Montclair Public Library Model Vegetable Garden Sept 18th 2014
New beginnings at Montclair Public Library, July 1st 2014

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