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Monday, April 15, 2013


i thought it would be fun. easy. a great project for me and my son. Like baking (which we like to do) but with photosynthesis!

it's fun and a great project- but really? easy? I am waiting on that one.

Since I didn't manage to do the seeds during the day, my bathtub became the staging area, and a plastic trash bin the mixing pot.

First- how do you get the dirt into those little cups? I realized that it's not like cupcake tins (or more precisely, popover tins). After trying to fill a bunch one at a time, I just dumped dirt on top and spread it around.

and then- fill 3/4 of the way. Well, as most bakers would say- is that 3/4 packed or 3/4 lightly dumped?

And then the seeds! Somehow you never think what fiddly little things seeds are. Seriously. Go cut open a tomato and try to envision a packet of them. How do you get just one bell pepper seed or tomato seed in each cup? Seriously? How? And the packet of thyme came with a packet in a packet. They were the size of a pinhead. (We did our best, but I think we'll be splitting alot of those seedlings!)

I thought I'd need to use the provided light source (thanks to our thoughtful leader Melina!) but realized I HAD the perfect source- my front porch. South facing, fronted on east, west, and south by windows, it gets tons of natural light and warms right up. Like a greenhouse, really.

So... now we wait.

(How often do we water, anyway? Totally dry? Sort of dry? Everyday?

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  1. HI Elizabeth,

    congrats on your crafty use of the bathtub. If you have the trays covered (with Saran wrap until the domes come in) you won't need to water as they will retain their moisture. Once they are uncovered keep them damp to the touch, mine need water about 2x a week but they are under lights in the basement. My others which are now outside hardening off need more frequent watering when it is sunny and dry.