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Monday, April 15, 2013

seeds have been planted, last week planted lettuce mix in container....things are popping up....keep them in the shade...can't wait....most of the herbs were planted last week,,,,,have a few more to do when the sun comes out and gets warmer....noticed that the parsley has started to come up.....a few tomatoes have started to show their little tops, .....this is the easy part.....when things start growing out of their little jiffy pots, you either have to put them in a bigger pot or find a place in the ground......but remember things have been cool and in this area they say this best time to plant is after mother's day.......if you have any can contact the Master Gardeners of Essex County M-F 10am-2pm (Roseland) they have a great volunteer staff looking for any challenges you have for them. (and it's free)...they also have soil test kits ($20) to test your garden send to Rutgers for a nice lab report that tells you a ton of stuff....nows the time to do it.....looking foward to the plant exchange....i have peppers (hot&sweet), tomatoes, cuc, melon (musk)....maybe a few others....will see....let's hope for some warmer weather....

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