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Sunday, April 14, 2013

mixing the "dirt"

Day 1: Soil & Seeds

Well, here goes.  I had a garden about 15 years ago and each spring, I started off with a lot of momentum and enthusiasm only to let the weeds and the deer take over.  But this time it's different, right?  Right?

pre-seedlings under the light
I have a great room with a lot of daylight so I think the seeds will do fine - so my contribution to the "swap" will be A-OK.

The outdoor plot is an experiment.  I'll go out again tomorrow and water.  I'll put up a fence.  I'll weed.  And then we'll see how I do.  I may become a Guerrilla Gardener, yet!

Wishing everyone good luck and good fun!

~Laura Torchio
feet up on the garden plot


  1. Replies
    1. The dirt in the outdoor plot is mostly compost from my bin and the woods behind my house. I topped it off with Scott's topsoil.

      I saved space for a couple tomatoes and peppers, but planted the lettuce, arugula, broccoli raab, spinach and radishes directly outside - like Melina told me to do!

      My daughter enjoyed measuring and stapling string to map out the bed. Now we wait.

      The Hesitant Gardener