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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Novice Talking to My Plants Everyday

I joined Guerrilla Gardening Montclair last year when they had their free seedling swap. I threw my hat into the game because it was free. What did I have to lose? Gardening is possbile with whatever space you have. I live in a small apartment in Montclair with no ground to call my own, but there is always a way. I container garden. I grew basil, tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. I have never tasted a better tomatoe than my own. They tasted like candy. I did so well with it that my Sacred Basil from last Spring is still alive and thriving. Sunday night pasta has always tasted better since!

So here I am, ready to take my next step. Seed promoter, nurturer, person who prayerfully watches over and hopes for change. The hardest thing was finding the right spot. One window got great morning sun, but another had a longer duration of sun.I chose the latter. Most people can attain a heat lamp from Guerrilla Gardening, but due to my space limitations. I had room for just one tray.

Error one...over excitement. I received supplies on April 9th let everything sit in my car due to the nasty cold spell then started on April 12th. I forgot everything mentioned the week before and started to pot my seeds without the special mix to promote germination and prevent fungus. I realized this only after I completed the entire tray. After about 30 minutes of thinking, staring and pouting...I took action. I scraped a little off the top and added the special mix.

Error one turns into a win. 1 week later, I come home and look at the big tray...I saw green. Whooooo Hooooo! I wasn't a waste to this project. Since then I've seen little sprouting here and there. My growth is slow going since I don't have a sun lamp and it's been on and off with April weather, but it's growing! I'm growing spinach and parsley in old strawberry containers. One thing weird about the strawberry containers is that I'm starting to see green growning out the side. That will be an adventure when it comes to move to a bigger space.

Thoughts since seeing green....Why is my spinach so skinny? The parsley took 1 1/2 weeks longer to show green. Does parsley really grow that slow? I did take pictures..I'll make a montage in the future. Good luck fellow gardeners.

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