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Monday, April 7, 2014

Re-potting has begun already at my house on Sunday--perfect day for it. As you can see, my sprouts are somewhat out of control/ready to go.  Only thing I did not plan on was just how many pots and bags of soil I would need to get them all in there...also I have a lot of sprouts.
 ...So I met up with fellow classmate Natalie and we will continue repotting through the rest of the week.  Two people is definitely better than one on these projects.  Plus its fun!

Growing plants definitely creates community, even my landlord (who saw us struggling a bit in the front yard) came over and showed us tips on getting the plants comfy in their new homes.

Fun!  Looking forward to what the future holds for these plants!  Also getting them into the ground as they are now taking over my living room.

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  1. Welcome to the movement, Sarah's landlord. Maybe you can get that raised bed after all!