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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Creating an Edible Landscape One Plant at a Time - Montclair Public Library vegetable garden!

In just 45 minutes we went from lawn to vegetable garden that can provide an abundance of produce in a mere 4' x 4' space. See how it happened below.

Using a Mallet to finish inserting sides of bed. We covered the base with garden matting to keep the weeds and grass from growing up into the bed.

Adding the somewhat smelly organic garden soil.

Smoothing out the soil so it is evenly spread, break down any big clumps.

Three worker bees, Melina Macall, Eileen Sweeny and Chelsea Dodd.

 Et voila, one finished garden!

David Hinkley Executive Director MPL and Chelsea Dodd, Reference and Adult Programming having a sneak taste of the Basil.

David Hinkley discovering Pineapple Sage really smells just like pineapple.

And here it is, one vegetable garden with three varieties of tomato (Heat master, husky red cherry and golden cherry), two varieties of bell pepper (green bell and big bertha red), two varieties of zucchini (dark green and yellow crookneck), pineapple sage, baby cucumbers and basil. 

Stop by to watch it grow and sample the results.

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