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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A seedling we will grow

From seed to harvest!  
In the beginning there were seeds that sprouted...

Some were put in pots for the seedling swap.  Nearly 200 to be exact...

others were given a semi permanent home by way of sub irrigation (unleashing my inner geek)  

                                      and others by way of three in a row self watering planters.  

and with helps from tiny hands with pink shovels...
          We dug up flowers and non edibles gave them away to a better suited home and filled up                                                                          the holes with earth compost and love...

With bags in hand we tra la la to the seedling swap

What a day it was

We hurried home with warmth in our hearts.  
We got to work, and this overgrown area went from very drab
                                                                     To very empty...

Soon we began to fill our ground with treats from the seedling swap and our own grown seeds

an emergency DIY strawberry patch conjured up

As we filled our earth with green gold, we mulched

and mulched

and ate

and in between we began to grow

and so we harvested

and because we couldn't quite wait we made fried green tomato salad while we waited for red ones to appear

and we garnished it with herbs from our vertical herb tower

above is my vertical herb tower to show my friends with limited space the endless possibilities 

 this week July 10 2014 we have even more progress        
Do you see red?  I do... I do... I do believe in gardening!

                                   Cucumbers are flowering like crazy.  Fermented pickles in the near future

                                          To fry green or not to fry green...that is the question

Squash landing

                                                        An acorn fit for human not squirrel

                                                   baby butternut cute as a butternutton?

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  1. This is wonderful, thanks for sharing Azizi. So many ways to grow food in limited space.